Light Novel “Das mechanische Kaninchen”

Light Novel ‚ÄúDas mechanische Kaninchen”

written by Daniela Goldschmidt
illustrated by Lisa Rau

1. Edition published 2018
Softcover, 96 pages


More information:
Dia Lane Projects

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Boston 1925: Bailey Whittemore tries his hand at being a detective after studying literature. Retrieve cute house cats? No problem. But Bailey longs for a bigger job. And he gets it. In a letter, a father asks him to clarify the death of his son. He also names a suspect who, in his opinion, the police gave up too quickly: the fashion manufacturer Kendal Rake.

After some hesitation, Bailey accepts the case. His grandmotherly neighbor, Misses Calsey, is not at all enthusiastic because he is putting herself in danger. Bailey doesn’t know how much he will regret it either, because Kendal Rake has his eye on him.

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